Warning Signs of Lung Disease You Must Not Ignore

By Medical Expert Team

May 27 , 2019 | 2 min read

We often tend to ignore our health issues until the time they grow old and turn into a grave diseases. The obvious happens in the case of lung diseases.The moderate symptoms indicating an underlying health condition pertaining to the lungs get barely noticed which, in turn, aggravates the situation severely.To avoid this, it is important to learn about the mild symptoms of lung diseases. Consequently, you will not mistake troubled breathing or wheezing for something it is not. Below mentioned is a list of early warning signs which you must not ignore. These signs and symptoms are suggestive of lung diseases such asCOPD, asthmaandlung cancer. Have a look:

Chronic cough/cough with blood

When we classify a cough as chronic, we mean that it must have lasted longer than a month. Also, if it’s accompanied by blood, it is high time to see your doctor and register your concern. Experts suggest that coughing up blood may be an early warning sign of the lung cancer but it also indicates underlying lung diseases like chronic bronchitis or infections like TB or emphysema. No matter the reason behind your chronic cough/cough with blood, it reveals that there is something wrong with your respiratory system and it must be checked as soon as possible.


If something has blocked your lungs, you may experience noisy or uneasy breathing, commonly known as wheezing. It can also be caused by the narrowing or swelling of your throat. As a result, you have to deal with shortness of breath. Majorly triggered by allergies, smoke, strong, or sometimes with rigorous exercise, wheezing is suggestive of diseases like COPD. It may also be indicating the presence of asthma.

Chronic Mucus

Produced by the airways to protect the lungs by seizing dust and dirt inhaled by you, mucus, also known as sputum or phlegm, plays an important part in keeping your lungs healthy. But when mucus production becomes chronic, the situation worsens. According tocancer specialists, if the mucus production lasts longer than a month, you must rush to your health care provider and get it checked as early as possible as it may be an indicator of a chronic lung disease.

Chronic Chest Pain

A lot of people associate chest pain withcardiac diseases. But this isn’t the case always. If you are suffering from a lung disease, you may experience chest pain or the feeling of tightness in the chest. The unexplained chest pain perturbs you while you are breathing or coughing. Regardless of the cause, chest pain must not be ignored especially when it is chronic and persists longer than usual, perhaps a few weeks. If you observe the aforementioned signs and symptoms, you must contact yourbest doctorfor early lung cancer treatment in Delhi. You can also reduce the possibility of prominent lung diseases by taking care of your lungs and keeping them healthy. On the occasion ofWorld No Tobacco Day, which is observed on 31st May every year, let’s take a pledge to avoid tobacco use and save the only set of lungs we have.

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