Pain Free Total Knee Replacement Surgery

By Medical Expert Team

Jan 24 , 2019 | 3 min read

Imagine a world with no pain and suffering, an ideal, comfortable world and then ask yourselves about the reality of this? For obvious reasons, a perfect world can’texist butthat doesn’t mean we lose ourhopesand accept all the pain and suffering instead of keeping up the fight against them. Every day we hear stories about people suffering from arthritis or joint pain and how it affects their daily activities like walking, climbing stairs or even lying down. Whether it is osteoarthritis, where the breaking down of the protective covering of the tissues causes severe pain or rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune disorder which leaves your joints swollen, arthritis in every form is dangerous. The so-called newer times have laid several challenges in front of us when it comes to the ailments like arthritis. Earlier elderly people were the only ones suffering from this painfulcondition butnowadays, even younger people are prone to arthritis, irrespective of their gender. Many surgeonssuggesthip or knee replacement surgery to reduce thepain butare these surgeries free from complications? Well, the success rate oforthopaedicsurgeries depends on a number of factors. From ascertaining the precise needs of the patient to the right choice of the implants, these high-end surgeries largely depend upon the skill-set of the surgeon. After all, you can’t simply trust anyone with your health. When a surgeon commencesorthopaedicsurgery, the safety of the patient should be his major concern. The patient bestows his trust in the skills of the surgeon and hence, it becomes important for him to keep up that trust. A good surgeon not only treats his patienteffectively butalso indulges in an open conversation telling him about the adeptness of the technology used in his treatment and the possible risks involved, further enhancing the transparency between them. If we look at the statistics, around 70,000 to 80,000 knee replacement surgeries and 20,000 to 30,000 hipreplacementssurgeries are carried out every year, suggesting that people suffering from arthritis are becoming more aware of their treatment options. During the early stages, medication and walking support can provehelpful butwhat are your options when the condition of your arthritis has extensively severed? Well, you don’t have to worry because you certainly have great treatment options like Total Knee Replacement Surgery to look forward to. What does Total Knee Replacement Surgery encompass? A lot of people suffering from arthritis lose all their hope when their doctor tells them about the extreme destruction of their knee. But little do they know about their treatment options.Total knee replacement surgeryis one of the most effective treatment options available. It is a surgical procedure which cures totally damagedknee whichhas stopped functioning. By replacing the diseased knee with artificial material, total knee replacement surgery improves the functioning of the knee considerably. It has come as a new hope in the lives of people suffering from arthritis. Total Knee Replacement Surgery Is Minimally Invasive The integration of medical science and technology is leaving no stone unturned to relieve patients from their pain. With the intervention oflatest techniqueslike computer navigation, total knee replacement surgery has improved way beyond our imagination. Using these technologies, surgeons are now able to perform pain free surgeries with great precision. Not only this, but patient experience has also improved with shorter hospital stays, lesser rehabilitation time, and most importantly reduced pain. An important point to note here is that not only thebest knee replacementsurgeonsbut also patients are required to be educated about these procedures as it will help them to collaborate better. Check out theMyths and Facts About Common Sports Injuries So it’s high time you bid farewell to your pain and welcome your new lives, free from pain and suffering.

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