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Infectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases Specialists are trained in dealing a variety of infections, ranging from the simplest of the simple like flu to complicated infections in an immunocompromised patient. They deal with diagnosing fever of unknown origin, community acquired infections like pneumonias, TB, HIV, typhoid, hospital acquired infections etc. Solid organ, Bone marrow transplants, and cancers involve treatment with chemotherapy and immunosuppressive medications, which lead to a wide variety of infections, which could be life threatening. Here comes the role of an ID physician who is specially trained to investigate, diagnose, treat and follow up such patients. They also deal with adult immunisation, travel immunisation, immunisation for special population like Diabetes, kidney and liver failure, transplant patients. ID physicians are also strong promoters of Antimicrobial stewardship to cut down unnecessary and indiscriminate use of antibiotics which leads to the burning problem of increased drug resistance across the world.

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