Anaesthesiology Hospital in Delhi, India


The Department of Anaesthesiology, Pain medicine and Surgical Intensive Care at the BLK-Max Super Speciality Hospital delivers state-of-the-art anaesthesia services, pain management and intensive care during the operation procedure. It is committed to placing the interests of the patients as its paramount concern.

The department is well equipped with high-end anaesthesia workstations and uses the most advanced, safe and patient-focused techniques when delivering anaesthetic care. We are constantly evaluating our processes by adopting new technology with a human touch to meet the needs of all types of cancer patients and for surgeries which extend for long hours.

The Department of Anaesthesiology at BLK-Max offers a broad range of clinical services and research opportunities. We provide clinical care for the full spectrum of anaesthetic, perioperative and pain management services to both adult and paediatric patients. 

We have 17 state–of-the-art, ultra-modern Operation Theatres (OTs), manned by skilled and well-experienced anaesthesiologists, who aim to provide optimum quality patient care even beyond the operation procedure. The comprehensive patient’s care extends from the Pre-anaesthesia clinic (PAC) to Post Anaesthesia Care Units (PACU) and 11 bedded Surgical Intensive Care Units (SICU), which are located on the 2nd floor of the hospital.

We have a separate OT near casualty for minor emergency surgical procedures, a separate OT (on the 4th floor of the hospital) to cater to emergency obstetric cases and another OT (on the 7th floor) to handle cases pertaining to the procedures of In-vitro fertilisation (IVF).

  • Anaesthesia Outside The OT Area: With an increase in demand for anaesthesia care outside the operating room, we are now as active outside as within the operating room. Considered one of the predominant resources in intensive care, emergency, pain management and hospital care, the department is performing 5-10 per cent of anaesthetic cases outside the operating rooms.  The department provides services outside the OT area in the following sites:
    • Sites not designed for administration of anaesthesia, for example the emergency room for burns, dressing rooms, cardioversion and psychiatric wards (ECT), etc.
    • Areas such as neuroradiology suite, diagnostic suites with fixed equipment (CT, MRI, radiotherapy)
    • Specially built operating rooms like IVF OTs, daycare surgery etc.
    • Pain clinic and pain relief procedures room
    • Resuscitation and emergency rooms
    • Domiciliary care 
  • Modular OTs: We at BLK-Max Hospital follow a pre-engineered, integrated approach for the construction and coordination of highest quality operating rooms. Our modular operation theatres have the following features:
    • They are built from steel with sterile coatings to provide anti-bacterial, anti-algal and anti-fungal features for a long and safe run. 
    • They are designed to have smooth surfaces with no visible joints. 
    • The absence of sharp edges in OTs prevents any chances of accumulation of stagnant air or build-up of contamination. 
    • The inner wall panels are constructed to withstand strong impact, such as from bombardment of trolleys. 
    • The wall-mounted types of equipment are flush mounted and sealed into the theatre wall by means of a sterile jointing system.
    • To reduce chances of airborne bacteria, OTs have a provision of light-integrated plan air systems
    • We have a unidirectional vertical laminar flow system in our OTs, which delivers clean, filtered optimum air.
    • To have an optimum illumination level, we have an integrated lighting system that provides an excess of 1500-lux at the wound site and electronic step-less dimming down to 3%, without flicker. 
    • To control room air pressure, we have specially designed Cascade pressure stabilisers (a range of multi-bladed units)
    • To prevent cross-contamination between the area inside and outside the OTs, we have placed suitably-sized, air relief pressure stabilisers at room pressures to maintain and ensure that there is sufficient airflow through the open door.
    • Our OT staff adheres to the highest standards of sterility. We have specially designed scrub stations which are made up of stainless steel, with both manual and automatic operations available.
    • A thermostatically controlled mixing valve automatically maintains water temperature, not to exceed 46 degree Celsius.
  • Pre Anaesthesia Evaluation Clinic:  Our team of dedicated anaesthesiologists at the unit offer the most comprehensive care to the patient about to undergo surgery. They perform a pre-anaesthetic evaluation at the Clinic in order to make the best anaesthesia plan and provide detailed information about upcoming anaesthetic to the patient.  During the visit, a patient may have a blood sample taken for tests. More tests like ECG, X-ray and pulmonary function tests will be done if required. In the meeting, the patient is free to talk to the doctor about any concerns related to the possible anaesthetic methods, their benefits, risks and personal preferences (if any). 

  •  Pain Medicine

    It was once thought that severe pain after surgery was something to be endured. But we now know that this is no longer true. Today Acute pain services bridges the gap between physicians, nurses and patients to coordinate pain management. At BLK-Max Super Speciality Hospital, we are interested in providing the safest and the best pain relief for all patients after surgery. To ensure this we have an Acute pain Service (APS) to provide specialized pain treatment to any patient who require it. Ask your nurse or surgeon if you wish to contact the Acute Pain Service.

    The deleterious effects of unrelieved acute pain are well recognized. These effects are psychological and physiological. Unrelieved acute pain may predispose to the development of chronic pain. The provision of acute pain relief helps reduce hospital stay, promotes recovery and reduces the development of chronic pain syndromes. After the surgery you will get better faster. With less pain you can walk sooner and do breathing exercises better.

    We understand the importance of postoperative pain relief and the improvement in function that accompanies it. We recognize the large degree of variability among surgical patients with regard to the amount of pain experienced and the amount of analgesic medication needed to adequately control it. As a matter of fact, we have certain standardised institutional guidelines and protocols for ordering, administering and discontinuing analgesic therapy.

    The ultimate target of our Department of Anaesthesiology, Pain medicine and Surgical Intensive Care at BLK-Max Super Speciality Hospital is an active quality assurance program directed at maintaining high-quality care of our patients while minimizing complications.

    Acute Pain Service

    The hospital has a formal acute pain service that provides specialized and invasive methods of pain relief to patients after surgery and all other acute and acute on chronic pain conditions. It is available 24 X 7. The doctor can be contacted on mobile number 931077622. The Department also specializes in providing pain relief care in difficult acute pain problems such as management of patients already taking strong analgesics for cancer and chronic non-malignant pain, and those who are problem drug users. A standard multimodal approach to pain management utilising non-drug and drug interventions together is followed. Paediatric, geriatric, and day care patients are given utmost priority and are managed with an extra effort. There is also a provision of continuity of pain control after discharge.

    Apart from offering postoperative pain services we also offer management of other types of acute pain like chest trauma etc. We are uniquely qualified because of our knowledge of the neurophysiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, and anatomic pathways involved in the modulation of acute pain.

    Treatment options available for acute pain range from simple medication to more complex interventions such as neural blockade, neuraxial (epidural and intrathecal infusions and Patient –controlled analgesia (PCA). A variety of these methods may be used together to get the best result. The best method for you and your operation will be discussed with you. The effectiveness of your pain relief will be regularly assessed and if necessary adjusted, added or changed to make it the best and safest to you. It is reassuring to know that drugs used for pain control are extremely safe and there is hardly any chance to become addicted to them. The advantages gained by good pain control far outweigh these small risks.

    Every patient enrolled in APS is assessed at least once a day by a consultant anaesthesiologist. ‘Pain rounds’ are taken by resident anaesthesiologists at least twice a day and as and when required. Any problems/queries are sorted out on the rounds. Although good quality analgesia is a worthwhile humanitarian and ethical goal in its own right, however, it is only the means to an end: the improvement of surgical outcome.

    The Pain Clinic

    Our Pain management clinic is located in Room no. 117 in OPD-3 block, first floor. Patients with chronic pain are generally seen here. The components of chronic pain management are cancer pain (treated in association with oncologists) and chronic non-malignant pain. The most widespread chronic pain conditions are- low back pain, neck pain, painful joints (arthritis), headache (including migraine). They are so common today that they are often seen as unavoidable part of life. There is no nobility in suffering from pain, when relief from pain is possible. Other pain conditions are: - recurrent cancer pain, Herpes zoster pain, Trigeminal neuralgia and other oro facial pains , Painful Diabetic neuropathy, fibromyalgia, Neuropathic pain, complex regional pain syndromes (CRPS), pain after amputation of the limbs, Chronic persistent surgical pain (CPSP), Post-trauma pain, Chronic pelvic pain, Genito-urinary pain, nerve entrapments etc.

Our Medical Experts

BLK-Max Hospital is home to 350+ eminent doctors in the world, most of whom are pioneers in their respective fields. Additionally, they are renowned for developing innovative and revolutionary clinical procedures.