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The Institute for Bone, Joint Replacement, Orthopaedics Spine and Sports Medicine has various sub-specialisations for the treatment of disorders of the musculoskeletal system (muscles, bones & joints). The Hospital offers dedicated services for Trauma and General Orthopaedics, Spine Surgery, Sports Medicine and Joint Reconstruction including Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) for Total Knee Replacement, Computer Assisted Navigated Surgery for Joint Replacement, Total Hip Replacement, Hip Resurfacing, Unicondylar (Partial) Knee Replacement as well as Replacement of Shoulder and Elbow joints.

The Institute regularly carries out Arthroscopic procedures for sports and other injuries, Limb Salvage Surgeries for Bone Tumours and Reconstruction Surgeries for Deformities.

The Institute has a dedicated team of the treatment of spinal ailments including Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery for Disc Problems (Endoscopic / Microscopic / Microtubular Key Hole Surgeries); Scoliosis / Kyphosis Correction Surgeries for Spinal Deformity; Spinal
Tuberculosis Management; Spinal Bone Tumour Surgery; Spinal Pain Management; Vertebroplasty / Kyphoplasty for Spinal Fractures; Robotic / Navigation Guided Spine Surgery.

Treatment & Surgeries

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Why Choose BLK-Max For Your Orthopaedic Care?

  • Comprehensive Care - BLK-Max Hospital is dedicated towards delivering personalised and comprehensive orthopaedic care to the patients using the latest technologies and techniques supported by a team of highly trained experts. For each type of orthopaedic condition, the Institute follows an international standard of care and treatment protocols, ensuring the entire medical needs of the patient are met. Collaborate efforts of surgeons, orthopaedicians and physiotherapist play a pivot a role on rehabilitation and post-surgical care.


  • Highly Recognised Professionals - The Institute encompasses experienced and highly skilled Orthopaedic doctors offering minimally-invasive solutions for almost all types of Orthopaedic conditions. The cutting edge treatments and services offered by experts address the patient needs, in all phases. The experts are internationally trained to use modern medical technology with improved clinical skills to enhance patient services.

Advanced Technology

The Institute has a dedicated Operation theatre (OT), Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and In pateint ward for enhanced service delivery. All the areas are equipped with state of the art technology such as:

  • Computer Assited navigation for Joint Replacement 
  • Intra operated Neuro Monitoring
  • Endoscopic Minimal Invasive Surgeries
  • Intraoperative Microscope
  • Flat Panel C-Arm
  • High-end Arthroscope for sports injuries

Support Services

The specialised support services at the hospital play an essential role in the healing process of the patient. 

Some of the programs and services available for patients are: 

  • Physiotherapy
  • Pain Management Support
  • Occupation Therapy
  • Health check ups
  • Patient and Family Counselling Programme

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