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Diet For Typhoid: What To Eat And Avoid? Here's Everything You Should Know


Typhoid fever is a rare illness in developed countries but is common in the developing countries. It can become a threat as typhoid may even lead to serious health problems. Typhoid is caused by a bacteria called Salmonella typhi, which can be very harmful for a human body. Typhoid fever comes with a number of side effects like   headache, fever, fatigue, body aches, etc.

The main factor behind getting infected with this illness is by drinking or eating the bacteria in contaminated food or water. The bacteria, Salmonella typhi, can even survive for weeks in water and sewage. Diet changes are not the ideal way to treat typhoid fever, but it can surely help in reducing the symptoms. To know more about it in detail, Onlymyhealth editorial team talked to Dr. RK Singhal, Senior Director and HOD - Internal Medicine, BLK-Max Super Speciality Hospital, about the symptoms, causes, treatment and what to eat and avoid for typhoid.

What to eat and avoid for typhoid?

There are particular foods that help in coping up with illnesses, while some food items should be avoided to protect yourself from further risk factors. Typhoid makes your body weak and it requires energy to survive. Therefore, it is essential to take care of your diet while suffering from this problem. Here is what you should eat and avoid for typhoid:


1. Yogurt

According to a study, yogurt contains Bifidobacteria that improved bloating and disturbed bowel movements in typhoid patients within three to six weeks. If you are suffering from typhoid, then having yogurt can help you in relieving some of the symptoms like lose motions. Yogurt is one of the best probiotic foods and probiotics are good bacteria that help in improving your health and overcoming many illnesses. You can include milk or yogurt in your morning diet.

2. Watermelon and grapes

Easily digestible food is beneficial for a typhoid fever patient. And, watermelon and grapes are the fruits that have high content of water and can be digested very easily. The rich water content in these fruits helps in restoring the water content in the body that might have been disrupted due to dehydration in typhoid patients. Watermelon and grapes have good amounts of nutrients like Vitamin C, A and B6 that helps in lowering the temperature of typhoid fever. Therefore, these fruits should be included in the daily diet of a typhoid patient.

3. Boiled potato

Increasing the intake of carbohydrates is also advised by the doctors to help with the symptoms of typhoid. And, one should consume potato as it is a good source of carbs. So, boiled potato can be very helpful for a typhoid patient to overcome sudden weight loss as it has high calorific value. Boiling the potatoes can even kill the germs and bacteria that might be harmful for you. Potatoes are good sources of iron, potassium and vitamin C and can be beneficial for your immunity, resulting in faster recovery from typhoid fever.

4. Porridge and daliya

Porridge should also be added to a typhoid patient's diet. It is a solid food that can help in recovering from weakness during typhoid. Porridge and daliya are dense carbohydrate foods and contain good amounts of proteins that helps in easy digestion and coping up from weakness in individuals suffering from typhoid. Moreover, these foods can even help in boosting your strength.

5. Plenty of fluids


Plenty of liquid intake is recommended at home for a typhoid patient. Fluids like coconut water, lime juice, roohafza and buttermilk should be consumed in abundance if you are suffering from this illness. Liquids should surely be more as you don't have much appetite so you can gain energy and nutrients through them. If the patient is hospitalised, then doctors can give IV fluids.

6. Bananas

Bananas are included in high calorie diet, thus can be beneficial for typhoid patients in gaining weight. This fruit should be included in your fruit salad for a lot of health benefits. Bananas are highly nutritious, wholesome with important nutrients like potassium, Vitamin C and They will give you even more energy and many antioxidants that provide strength to overcome typhoid symptoms.