Diabetes Health Package (Male)

Rs. 6,710.00
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Rs. 6,710.00
CBC with PBF Urine Albumin/Creatinine Ratio
ECG Urine Routine and Microscopy
Glucose F & PP VPT Study
Glycosylated Haemoglobin X-Ray Chest
Lipid Profile Basic Physician - Pre Consultation
Liver and Kidney Function Combined Panel Dietician Consultation
Throid Stimulating Hormone Eye Consultation
Ultrasound Whole Abdomen Endocrinologist Consultation
Digital Mental Health Assessment

Lifestyle in India is at high risk due to the living manner of people. The number of diabetics is increasing at an alarming rate in India. This diabetes test package is a boon for the patient at higher risk of developing diabetes and for people known to have diabetes to check the control of their glucose levels.

  • Keep a check on your average sugar level.

  • Follow your development toward achieving your overall treatment objectives.

  • Learn how diet and exercise affect blood sugar levels.

Q1. Does my insurance cover the Diabetes Health Package for Male?

Ans: Maybe yes, You have to check with your Insurance policy agent for details regarding the Diabetes male health package.

Q2. What are the instructions before and after the Diabetes Health Package for Male?

Ans: You are requested to report for your Diabetes test package after fasting for 8-10 hours overnight. Except for water, it is advised that you avoid consuming any solids or liquids.

Important Instructions

  • You are requested to report for your health check after fasting for a period of 8-10 hours over night. You are advised to NOT consume any solids or liquids EXCEPT water during your period of fasting... Read More