Diabetes Health Package - Extended II (Male)

Rs. 11,770.00
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Rs. 11,770.00
CBC with PBF Ultrasound Whole Abdomen
25 Hydroxy Vitamin D Urine Albumin/ Creatinine Ratio
ECG Urine Routine and Microscopy
ECHO Cardiogram with Doppler VPT Study
Glucose F & PP X-Ray Chest
Glycosylated Haemoglobin Physician - Pre Consultation
Lipid Profile Basic Dietician Consultation
Liver and Kidney Function Combined Panel Eye Consultation
Throid Stimulating Hormone Endocrinologist Consultation
Digital Mental Health Assessment

Diabetes is one of the illnesses that affect a large number of people. Although there are other factors, having too much blood sugar is one of the primary causes of diabetes. A diabetes health package checkup is necessary because it can help detect the disease in its early stages.

  • Only a diabetes health package test can help detect diabetes early on, which can be beneficial.

  • Furthermore, a diabetes checkup can inform you of the adverse effects of diabetes that your body has already experienced.

Q1. Is my insurance included in the Extended II Diabetes Health Package for males?

Answer: Health insurance often does not cover doctor's fees or diabetes health packages that you might undergo on your own.

Q2. What are the instructions to follow before and after the Extended II Diabetes Health Package?

Answer: Before the diabetes health package test, you must fast for at least 10 hours. You can discuss the aftercare with the doctor.

Important Instructions

  • You are requested to report for your health check after fasting for a period of 8-10 hours over night. You are advised to NOT consume any solids or liquids EXCEPT water during your period of fasting... Read More