Liver Health Package

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Rs. 2,750.00
Complete Hemogram
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Liver Function Test
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The liver health test package consists of blood tests that measure various enzymes, proteins, and other substances produced by the liver. These tests assess your liver's overall health. The different substances are frequently tested at once on a single blood sample.

  • The liver package looks for liver infections like hepatitis.

  • The progression of a disease, such as viral or alcoholic hepatitis, is monitored.

  • It also determines how effectively a treatment works.

Q1. What are the instructions to follow before and after the Liver test?

Answer: Inform your doctor about any medications you take, as some may interfere with the test results. After the reports, you need to consult your doctor for any further queries.

Q2. Can I eat before the Liver test?

Answer: Yes, an overnight fast of 8-10 hours is required.

Important Instructions

  • You are requested to report for your health check after fasting for a period of 8-10 hours over night. You are advised to NOT consume any solids or liquids EXCEPT water during your period of fasting... Read More