Bone Health Package

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Rs. 880.00
Calcium Total, Serum
Vit D Total-25 Hydroxy
Consultation @ Internal medicine
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A bone health package assists in the detection of bone disorders. They can detect nutritional deficiencies that contribute to bone weakness. The package includes tests that aid in diagnosing conditions such as arthritis and other bone disorders.

  • A bone scan can detect any existing ailment that has no symptoms at the beginning.

  • A bone health checkup package can help doctors determine the exact condition of your bones.

  • A checkup can also assist doctors in finding a proper cure for any existing bone disease.

Q1. What are the instructions to follow before and after the Bone Health Checkup?

Answer. There are no such guidelines to follow before the test, and you should abide by the aftercare recommendations provided by your doctor.

Q2. Should I eat before the Bone Test?

Answer. Yes!

Important Instructions

  • You are requested to report for your health check after fasting for a period of 8-10 hours over night. You are advised to NOT consume any solids or liquids EXCEPT water during your period of fasting... Read More