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Dr. Rajesh Kumar Pande

Principal Director & HOD
Critical Care
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Critical Care

Frequently Asked Questions

Critical Care Specialist Overview

A critical care specialist is also called an intensivist or critical medicine doctor. They specialise in diagnosing and treating critically ill patients, like those suffering from trauma or organ dysfunction. They usually have a multidisciplinary approach to ensure the best results for their patients.

Conditions & types of disease treated by Critical Care Specialist

Conditions and diseases treated by critical care specialists include:

  1. 1) Respiratory failure
  2. 2) Heart failure
  3. 3) Severe trauma
  4. 4) Sepsis
  5. 5) Organ dysfunction
  6. 6) Organ failure

What procedures do critical care doctors do?

Procedures performed by critical care doctors include:

  1. 1) CPR
  2. 2) Airway management
  3. 3) Cardiovascular monitoring
  4. 4) Fluoroscopy
  5. 5) Renal support (hemodialysis or hemofiltration)
  6. 6) Mechanical ventilation
  7. 7) Catheter insertion in organs

Why should you choose critical care doctors at BLK-Max Hospital?

You should consider the critical care doctors at BLK Max because we have some of the most experienced, highly trained critical care specialists in India

What is the difference between a hospitalist and an intensivist?

A hospitalist coordinates a patient’s journey in the hospital and provides general care. Intensivists provide care to the critically ill and manage patients in the ICU.