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Dr. U. K. Valecha

Principal Director & HOD
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Dr. Aanchal Sharma

Senior Consultant & HOD
Pain Medicine & Palliative Care
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Pain Medicine & Palliative Care

Frequently Asked Questions

Pain Management Doctor Overview

Pain management doctors treat all different types of pain caused by trauma, surgery, nerve damage or induced by a disease, like diabetes. They are also experts of diagnosing and treating pain that does not have a clear cause. They use a range of noninvasive, non surgical treatments with complimentary therapies for the most effective treatment.

When should you go to the pain management specialist for pain?

You should see a pain doctor when you experience:

  1. 1. Back, lower back or neck pain
  2. 2. Pain that radiates from the hips legs and feet
  3. 3. Jaw pain
  4. 4. Leg pain and weakness
  5. 5. Hand or wrist pain
  6. 6. Fatigue
  7. 7. Stiffness, joint tenderness, muscle pain
  8. 8. Stabbing, shooting, sharp or dull ache in the head with nausea and visual disturbances
  9. 9. Cancer pain
  10. 10. Pain that does not subside after a disease or injury

Can pain management doctors prescribe medication?

Pain management physicians can prescribe medications like muscle relaxants, NSAIDs (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), anti-seizure medications, painkillers, narcotics and nerve blockers.

What does a pain management doctor do on first visit?

You can expect the doctor to ask about personal and family history. They will also ask about current requirements and can recommend a battery of tests to know more about the patient’s body. After the investigations, the doctor will create a treatment and care plan best suited for the patient.

What Does A Pain Management Doctor Do?

Pain management doctors aid in diagnosing, treating and managing a range of pain related conditions. They use surgical and non-surgical interventions for pain and find therapies that work best for their patients.