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Laser therapy is a multi-faceted treatment that utilizes focused light application for medical treatment. It centers on light amplification with radiation emission stimulation; the tool tunes the light focusing on specific wavelengths for controlled beams.

This type of non-invasive treatment is used for precision-centric procedures. The laser beam is applied to different parts of the patients’ body over the skin to stop the surrounding tissues from extra damage. This process assures a faster recovery rate and less pain. Common uses are -

  • Cosmetic hair or scar removal
  • Tattoo removal
  • Treatment for early-stage cancers, like basal cell skin cancer
  • Sealing lymph nodes/nerve endings after surgery
  • Vision repair

Alternate Name


Body Location

Any location on the body - internal (e.g., polyps/nerve treatment) or external (e.g., hair removal/skin resurfacing)

How is it Performed?

Laser therapy as a treatment works as a therapeutic procedure for different ailments. The common variations include tooth whitening, LASIK eye surgery, or cosmetic surgery (tattoo, scar, or wrinkle removal).

The type of procedure steps also varies as per the procedure type. Doctors use a thin, flexible tube with lighting at the end for treating tumors, called an endoscope. It helps direct the laser on the affected region and view the inner tissues. Doctors insert the endoscope through a body opening, like the mouth. Then, they target the tumor with the laser to eliminate or shrink the mass.

Cold laser therapy or LLLT (Low-Level Laser Therapy) involves laser lights at 600-980 nanometer wavelengths, which is helpful for tissue regeneration or minor surgical procedures.

Preparation of Laser Therapy

Proper preparation steps are essential for recovery from laser therapy procedures. The proper precautions you should take are as follows:

Discussion and research

Before the procedure, patients need to carefully confer the plan with their doctor. Discuss your health conditions or allergies, if any. Please inform your doctor about prior procedures you had and ask them about any possible complications from the laser therapy. Also, learn about any alternatives, if available.

Gather the right support system

Take someone you know with you during the procedure. Since laser therapy involves strong medications and anesthesia, having a reliable support system.


The doctor in charge would suggest adjustments in your regular medications before the surgery. If you use blood-clotting medications like blood thinners or anticoagulants, our doctors recommend stopping the medication before the laser procedure.

Procedure Type of Laser Therapy

Percutaneous procedure

Follow Up for Laser Therapy

The different laser therapy procedures take around 4-8 minutes to complete. If a patient is only getting laser therapy, they typically take 15 minutes total for the whole procedure in one sitting. For additional treatments or laser therapy in many body areas, the process can extend to 30 minutes.

Patients have to undergo around 2-3 follow-up laser treatments per month. Most therapies require 6-12 laser therapy sessions, which varies as per doctor’s recommendations and patients’ specific conditions.

Risks of Laser Therapy

There are multiple possible risks from laser therapy, depending on the type of procedure, the intensity of the condition, and the location.

  • Complications for skin-based laser therapies can be scarring, pain, infection, bleeding, or skin color changes.
  • Repeated treatments are necessary since the main treatment effects are not permanent. It can increase cost, which is not suitable for many patients.

Recovery of Laser Therapy

After the laser-based therapy sessions, the recovery process requires a few days of rest first. Then, doctors can prescribe oral pain medications in case of swelling or discomfort. The recovery period differs based on the laser therapy type you received and its effect on your body.

Follow the recommendations of your doctor carefully. Post operation soothinh creams and ice applicable are usually recommended by doctors.

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