Changes to Make in Lifestyle to Prevent Heart Attack

By Medical Expert Team

Mar 02 , 2022 | 4 min read

Cardiovascular diseases are one of the leading causes of death in India. Unfortunately, deaths due to heart attacks have been witnessing a steady increase during the past few years. The most alarming aspect is that heart attacks are not limited to any age group.

Even young and healthy people can fall prey to this medical condition.Most deaths occur due to an unhealthy lifestyle and an unbalanced diet. By following a healthy diet regimen, leading an active and healthy lifestyle, and kicking bad habits, we can keep our bodies strong and healthy.

In this article, we will elaborate on some changes that you should make in your lifestyle to prevention heart attack.

Healthy Diet to Prevent Heart Attack

  • An unhealthy diet and over-dependence on fast food, in the long run, can cause enormous damage to the heart.

  • Since the heart is one of the most important organs of the body, keeping it in perfect condition should be the top priority.

  • A well-balanced diet is not just good for the heart but will lessen cholesterol and prevent the emergence of other diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes.

  • Excessive salt intake causes blood pressure to rise and weakens the heart. According to the WHO, a person should have around five grams of salt every day, and no more.

  • Along with limiting the consumption of salt, foods to prevent heart attack should also be included in the daily diet.

  • Partaking of a meal that comprises green vegetables, fruits, walnuts, fish oil, beans, tomatoes, the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates, and fat, is good for the heart and your overall health.

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Be Physically Active

  • A sedentary lifestyle can cause heart complications which may ultimately prove fatal. This is particularly true for people who have desk jobs and are either not fond of or don’t have much time to exercise.

  • No matter how busy you are, it is necessary to take out some time for physical activities. You need not indulge in rigorous exercise or sweat out in the gym. A brisk walk or light exercises for around 20 to 30 minutes every day are good enough to keep you active and your heart in a good condition.

  • What you need to ensure is that a good part of your day is not spent lying on the couch. So to be healthy, it is necessary to be active.

Keep Stress at Bay

We all experience stress in our lives. Office issues, family pressure, the passing away of a loved one, or interrupted sleep are just a few problems that can lead to stress. Whatever be the reason, if you are stressed for a continuous period it can adversely impact your health and heart. It can increase blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar which are sufficient causes for a heart attack.

The best way to reduce stress and protect your heart is by remaining calm, which can be done through meditation, yoga, limiting dependence on mobile phones and tablets, spending quality time with loved ones, and reducing the intake of caffeine to name a few.

Avoid Smoking and Lessen the Consumption of Alcohol

  • It is a fact that smoking kills. Even smoking moderately can have a devastating impact on health.

  • Smoking and alcohol causes excessive weight gain, increase blood sugar level, increase blood pressure, and lead to other complications. These can put your heart at risk and are the common causes of a heart attack.

  • For a healthy heart, it is necessary to altogether quit smoking. If you are unable to avoid alcohol, lessen its consumption as much as you can.

  • If you have a hard time quitting smoking or alcohol, you should take the help of a trained professional.

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Regular Health Checkup

  • Most people do not take health checkups seriously and visit a doctor only if they contract a disease or illness. In fact, for heart attack prevention,you should go in for a yearly health checkup.

  • If there are any signs of increased blood pressure, diabetes, or cholesterol, they can be identified at an early stage and appropriate medical care can be given.

  • People who are 30 and above can undergo tests for the above-mentioned ailments along with cardiac health screening.

  • If the health checkups are not taken seriously, the complications will remain undetected, which cause several heart diseases and can also lead to a fatal heart attack.

Manage Weight

  • Any person can suffer a heart attack, but obese people are more at risk. Obesity might be inherited or may be due to other factors like leading a sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet, etc.

  • Obesity can lead to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and insulin resistance which can heighten the risk of a heart attack.

  • You can manage your weight by taking a healthy diet, the right portions of food, and being physically active, but if you feel that your weight is getting out of control it is necessary to see a doctor.

  • Proper weight management will help your heart and enable you to lead a long and happy life devoid of ailments.

Final Thoughts

Though your lifestyle and diet can either cause or lessen the occurrence of heart attacks, family history and age can also play a major part in heart attack. That is why at times it can become very difficult to detect or prevent a heart attack.

But you can play your part in protecting your heart by taking precautions and adhering to the above-mentioned ways to prevent heart attack. Any pain or complication in the heart or areas around it should not be ignored and should immediately be brought to the notice of a medical practitioner working with a reputed hospital.

Hospitals like BLK-Max comprise good doctors, state-of-the-art medical infrastructure, and advanced technologies that will detect early signs of heart diseases early on, provide effective heart disease treatment, and enable you to live a complication-free life.

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