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Most Advanced Robotic Spine Surgery System of India is Now Available at BLK-Max Hospital

With an objective to revolutionise technology-driven medical advancements in the country, BLK-Max Super Speciality Hospital introduced India's most advanced Integrated Robotic System for Spine Surgery.

This technology is the most advanced software platform designed to increase the safety and accuracy of spine surgery and provides support to the spine surgical suite where precision and accuracy are key factors for best outcomes.

The technology utilises artificial intelligence to visualise spinal anatomy during complex surgeries.

Robotic surgeries allow data integration which comes in handy during these spine surgeries, and doctors can customise the surgical plan for an individual patient. The integrated spinal robot is programmed to navigate spinal surgeries.

Additionally, this is the only robotic system that combines surgical navigation and robotic guidance for spinal surgery, which offers significant advantages to spine surgeons. The system has been designed to facilitate procedural efficiency. Robotic surgeries make the procedure more objective as its more plan-driven.

In today 's advanced medical times, robotic spinal surgeries are the safest route for procedures that require extreme precision and accuracy. They not only promise positive outcomes but also involve minimal complications throughout the surgery.

Robotic-assisted surgeries will significantly improve surgical outcomes of complex surgeries due to an advanced level of precision. One of the fears in spine surgery is an adverse result due to the misplacement of screws. These complications can now be eliminated to a great extent through robotic spine surgery by placing screws accurately and faster with the most desired outcomes.