Transforming the Indian Healthcare Landscape through Automation

Automation in the healthcare industry is the biggest shift that we are seeing today. The effects of automating the processes in the hospital have seen positive impacts on the working of the hospital. As a hospital, there is an entire gamut of services including day care providers, clinics, insurers, and pharmaceutical outlets, among others, that require automation in their value chain.

A single coherent software has the potential to reduce human errors. Automation can help hospitals with medical records of patients. Revisiting them on successive visits would benefit the doctors who would need access to patients’ history and have details about the patients in terms of medications and allergies to any specific drug.

Indian hospitals are venturing into the appropriation of innovation; government is encouraging numerous social insurance programs with the help of innovation as their spine. The administration is currently attempting to construct a standard for Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and therapeutic

gadgets which will before long help the healing facilities to receive restorative innovation quicker to match with the satisfactory levels of clients who have confidence in the seamless conveyance of administrations.

It is essential to automate the entire patient cycle once the patient enters the hospital for a smooth and hassle-free experience. Starting from admission to post-operative care to discharge, patient care becomes easy for the hospital administration as they are aware of the patient details, his/her history and past treatments. Also, integrating the insurer's information and the patient's health insurance details would facilitate in quick commencement of the treatment procedure without having to wait for the payment.

With the expanding development of cell phones and quick web infiltration the nation over, India holds a huge potential to improve its healthcare sector. Technology will play a critical role in transforming the way India manages its healthcare system. We feel that now is the perfect time for India to embark on a futuristic journey to upgrade its heavily loaded healthcare system with new digital healthcare models that have the potential to improve accessibility, affordability and quality of care.


Dr. Yajuvendra Gawai

Dr. Rajendra
COO – Nanavati Super
Speciality Hospital