Man finds solace after a challenging heart surgery using a TAVR technique

Dr. Ajay kaul

Dr. Ajay kaul
Chairman & HOD
Cardiothoracic &
Vascular Surgery
BLK Heart Centre
BLK Super Speciality Hospital

Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) is an innovative technique of replacing the Aortic Valve of Heart through a small blood vessel of leg with the help of a catheter-based assembly. The technique is specially reserved for patients who have significant Aortic Valve Dysfunction requiring Aortic Valve Replacement, but are at a very high risk for conventional surgery.


A 62-year male was admitted to the BLK Heart Centre with severe Aortic Valve Dysfunction. He underwent detailed Echocardiography and was found to have renew Aortic Valve Stenosis with poor LV function and was severely symptomatic. The patient was a very poor candidate for conventional Aortic Valve Surgery along with the added risk of a reoperation. The patient had undergone Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery 4 year back. This patient would have been at a very high risk even if he had undergone conventional Aortic Valve Replacement through Minimally Invasive technique where the patient anyways had to go on extracorporeal circulation. Hence, after weighing all the options, we decided to perform TAVR procedure on him.