Dr. Pradeep B. Bhosale

Dr. Pradeep B. Bhosale

Director, Arthritis & Joint
Replacement Surgeries
Orthopaedics & Joint
Nanavati Super Speciality
Hospital, Mumbai

The Gift of Walking

Mobility Restored in a 85-year Old Man


14 years back, 85-year old Devendra Chopra had undergone Hip Replacement using the old model of Austin Moore hemi replacement of hip for a fractured right neck of femur. Due to severe pain, the patient underwent revision of Total Hip Replacement (THR) at Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital and was operated by Dr. Pradeep B. Bhosale. Post surgery, the patient was walking bearing full weight comfortably for the past 12 years.

However, in October he sustained an accidental fall with periprosthetic fracture through his femur and was re-admitted under Dr. Bhosale at Nanavati Hospital. He was also suffering from a case of Acute Lymphocytic Leukaemia.


It was a tough challenge to restore the ability to walk in the patient after re-revision Total Hip Replacement. Firstly, old cemented THR socket and stem were removed by preserving bone stock. The fracture of femur was also stabilised so as to make him ambulatory.


The surgery was performed successfully. The patient was made to walk bearing full weight on the next day of the surgery. The wound healed uneventfully and the fracture united over the next 7 months. The patient is making progress and can now walk successfully with equal limb length and near all normal functions.