Scoliosis Corrective Surgery

Regaining Posture and Confidence

60-year old female with severe back pain radiating to both her lower limbs was experiencing difficulty in walking and standing. Her walking had gradually reduced to 5 mins at a stretch. On examination, it was observed that she had a tilt / bent in her posture which had increased in severity over the past 6 months. She was evaluated and diagnosed as a case of Degenerative Scoliosis from D5 – L5 vertebra.

A Scoliosis Corrective Surgery was advised to the patient. A computer software to quantify the deformity and identify the apex of the curve was used for pre-operative planning. Intra-operative neuro-monitoring is essential in such corrective surgeries to limit the incidence of any neural injury.

Corrective osteotomies were done at L2 – L5 levels and a posterior stabilisation spanning from D5 to L5 was done. A near normal spinal alignment at the end of a gruelling 5 hour surgery was achieved.

Restoration of spine balance in both sagittal and coronal plane was achieved. Next day, the patient was made to sit in bed and out-of-bed mobilisation was started from the second day, post-surgery. A straighter posture and regained height was immediately noticeable. She had an uneventful recovery and was discharged on the seventh day.



Dr. Mihir Bapat
Director - Institute of Spine,
Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery

Dr. Amandeep Gujral
Consultant - Minimal Invasive
Spine Surgery, Nanavati Super
Speciality Hospital, Mumbai