Dr. Anil Murarka

Dr. Anil Murarka
Sr. Consultant BLK Centre for Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery
BLK Super Speciality
Hospital, New Delhi

Dr. Arun Sharma
Associate Consultant
BLK Centre for Plastic
& Cosmetic Surgery
BLK Super Speciality
Hospital, New Delhi

Saving Face Value

Facial symmetry restored with Plastic Surgery

Facial asymmetry is a very common facial problem. The advancement of technology and rapid prototyping has made treatment of facial asymmetry more sophisticated and convenient to achieve better facial symmetry.


A 26-year old female patient from Kazakhstan visited BLK Centre for Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery to correct her facial asymmetry and unequal jaw lines. Her facial deformity had been present since birth. Earlier, she had undergone camoufl age procedure for the deformity using biofi llers (liquid silicone) in Kazakhstan.


Examination of the patient revealed that the deformity is at the level of bone with the left side slightly smaller and higher than that of the right side. CT scan revealed facial asymmetry with mild hypoplasia of the left side of mandible. Using rapid prototyping protocol, fi les were used to create the 3D model of the facial skeleton on a computer. The right or the unaffected side was mirrored on to the left side to create a template to match both sides. This template was then used to fabricate a customised 3D printed titanium implant which was fabricated and imported from Belgium. The titanium implant was inserted and fi xed using screws under general anaesthesia to correct facial symmetry.

A range of facial deformities may occur and it is important to analyse the problem and identify the origin of the problem. Some deformities may present themselves only at the level of soft tissues and may be amenable to correction by soft tissue augmentation procedures like placement of fi llers or fat. Others may originate at the level of bone. These may be camoufl aged by some soft tissue procedures, however, the ideal way to deal with these deformities is to address them at the underlying bony level. 3D printed implants is the best option to correct such facial deformities with negligible errors and best possible results.