Rarest of the rare

A watermelon-sized Tumour removed to save
patient’s Kidney & her life



Kajal had been facing problems with her right Kidney for a long period of time. She consulted few doctors who advised on the removal of her Kidney. Kajal was gaining weight rapidly over a period of 6 months and she looked like an expectant mother. It was then she visited Dr. Bhatyal (Advisor & Sr. Consultant, Urology, Andrology and Renal Transplant, BLK Centre for Renal Sciences and Kidney Transplant) who planned her surgery strategically, removing the gigantic mass and saving part of the uninvolved Kidney. The problem was more complicated than it seemed. Even the slightest injury to the abdomen might have led to heavy internal bleeding and possible death.


In addition to the large tumour, there were three more small tumours (AML) in the lower part of the right Kidney. Upon complete evaluation, the team decided to perform a surgery known as Partial Nephrectomy, which is a meticulous and painstaking surgical procedure for removal of such a huge vascular mass. The other three small tumours were also removed to prevent similar kind of growth in the salvaged part of the Kidney. A 7 kg tumour was removed, giving Kajal a new lease of life.


After a successful surgery, Kajal recovered quickly and within few days she was discharged from the hospital. Kajal is advised timely health check-ups so that she can lead an uneventful life for years to come.