BLK Super Speciality Hospital launches the most
advanced version of TomoTherapy in North India

BLK Super Speciality Hospital is now one of the first hospitals in North India to offer Radixact 9 TomoTherapy which is the most advanced version of TomoTherapy used for the treatment of Cancer patients with a high degree of precision, speed and accuracy. The new and advanced TomoTherapy provides several clinical benefits and has come as a boon for patients who need radiation therapy for treatment of critical diseases especially Cancers.

With the launch of the new generation TomoTherapy, the National Capital has taken a leap forward in the adoption of cutting edge technologies to provide world-class facilities to patients suffering from various types of Cancer.

(MVCT) and the latest configuration of Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT). As a result of weight loss, it is common that the position of the tumour relative to other organs change during the treatment period. And, there will be slight differences in the posture every time when the patient lies on the couch. MVCT is used to correct any positional discrepancy, which may be caused by a change in body shape, internal organ movement etc. IGRT allows accurate radiation delivery, thereby reducing treatment margins and improving dose and tumour control. The combined use of

"TomoTherapy has come as a boon to cancer patients. It is now used as a curative treatment for cancer. With the most recent introduction of TomoTherapy, the radiation oncology has touched an all new high in the race of effective curative treatment for serious illnesses. TomoTherapy is an all in one advanced form of cancer treatment that combines Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) with the accuracy of Computed Tomography (CT) scanning technology (IGRT- Image Guided Radiotherapy),"

– Dr. Shikha Halder, Director & Sr. Consultant, Radiation Oncology, BLK Super Speciality Hospital.


the two technologies enhances precision in the treatment process and minimizes impacts on healthy organs. A typical course of TomoTherapy takes from several days to weeks, subject to individual conditions. During this period, daily visit to the treatment centre may be required. The process that one needs to go through in each treatment session include

TomoTherapy is an emerging modality of radiotherapy which controls and destroys malignant cells with high-intensity radiation. Unlike conventional Linear Accelerators, it delivers radiation in a helical pattern, and is generally used for the management of malignant cells with uneven profile, or cases with lesions widely distributed throughout the whole body. The synchronized move of the 360 degree rotating gantry and the moving couch enables radiation to attack the malignant cells from different angles and in different intensities, thereby increasing accuracy in targeting the malignant cells, and minimizing the harm done on normal organs. The latest configuration of TomoTherapy features 3-dimensional on-board Megavoltage Computed Tomography

Advantages of advanced Radixact 9 TomoTherapy system

  • Highest level of couch accuracy +/- 0.5 mm
  • Multimodality image fusion for better treatment planning
  • Adaptive Radiotherapy enables continuous reduction of treated area during the radiation course according to the reduction in tumour size. This reduces the dose to normal tissues markedly thereby reducing the side effects
  • Best in class solution for reirradiation following a full course of Radiotherapy
  • Reduced treatment time per patient
  • Four times the biggest field size can be treated as compared to the best conventional linear accelerator
1 1. The patient will be made to lie on the couch in order to take 3D MVCT images.
2. A Radiation Therapists will base on the daily MVCT data to match with the original plan. Adaptive Radiation Therapy (ART) may be required in case of significant shrinkage of tumour size or change of contours due to weight loss.
3. Simple TomoTherapy treatment takes around 20 to 30 minutes, including treatment verification and treatment delivery.

TomoTherapy is also capable of providing Radiosurgery and SBRT treatments in selected indications where a very high dose of radiation is delivered in 1-5 days with a very high degree of precision.

Dr. S Hukku
Chairman &
Sr. Consultant
Radiation Oncology
BLK Super Speciality
Hospital, New Delhi