A patient from the US shares her Knee
Replacement journey in India

It has now been just 5 weeks since I had a total knee replacement and several people have posed the question, “Why did you get this done, of all places, in Delhi, India?” I decided just to simply write down my little journey. I have had a history of knee problems with my first knee surgery when I was 10 years old due to a sports injury. 4 more surgeries later, it was inevitable that I would one day have to have my knee replaced. I honestly waited as long as I could until there was a substantial decrease in my overall quality of life, then I knew, it was time.


So why India? Well, the truth is for two reasons: expertise / quality and money. We have great medical care in the US, however, medical costs there are really high and so it was a natural fit for me to look into medical tourism. A friend who is a medical doctor suggested medical tourism. After doing a lot of research, I discovered that many countries around the world offer medical tourism, and are even known for certain specialities. India is a great example of Joint Replacement, in fact, in Delhi alone, doctors perform more Joint Replacements in 1 year in this city than the entire United States for the same period.

After reviewing exactly what I needed, we went through the bios of a lot of

doctors who performed Computer Assisted Total Knee Replacements. Finally, we chose Dr. Bhushan Nariani. He would perform Total Knee Replacement using computer assisted surgery.

I had my surgery on a Friday morning and was discharged on Monday afternoon. I walked out of the hotel without the aid of crutches, a walker or even a cane. I had a pain patch and Tylenol to manage pain and it worked well. We spent three weeks in a local hotel where my PT instructor came to my room every day for an hour. By the second week, I had 110 degrees range of motion, was able to walk up and down the stairs and did not need any pain medication apart from the occasional Tylenol. We returned home at four weeks and 120 degrees ROM (though many people go home after 2 weeks). My surgeon has reached out to me twice, as well as my PT instructor.

So how much did we pay? Well, my surgery, hospital stay, PT and RX was far less than what I would have been responsible for if I had undergone the surgery in the US.

My knee was really messed up and now thanks to the experts at BLK my leg is not only straight, but I can walk without even a limp. My back pain disappeared (apparently, I was bent over a lot when I walked, which caused a huge amount of pain in my back and hip but now it’s gone). The service and care we received at BLK was excellent, and Dr. Bhushan did his job very well. I am now looking ahead to living a fulfilled life and wish to extend my gratitude to everyone at BLK for all the love and care I have received.



Dr. Bhushan Nariani
Joint Replacement
Institute for Bone Joint
Spine and Sports Medicine
BLK Super Speciality
Hospital, New Delhi