Naresh Kapoor

Executive Director
BLK Super Speciality Hospital


Dear Readers,

We, at BLK, are deeply proud to have successfully completed one year of our newsletter. Our success is due to the tireless work of all the team members including our PR and Branding team, who have volunteered their time, energy and expertise in creation of this success and have taken up many initiatives and activities during this period. I also thank our entire team of consultants who have contributed during the year and for their vital role in helping this newsletter fulfill its objectives and for upholding the high standards that BLK has created in healthcare.

With this issue, we change ourselves from BLK Pulse to Radiant Pulse by including Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital, Mumbai. From this issue onwards, you will see contribution from consultants of BLK as well as Nanavati. I feel this step will further add to the quality and richness of our articles and stories. Since both the hospitals are managed by Radiant, the magazine would be aptly called as Radiant Pulse.

In this special issue, we have a very significant case as our cover story where a CRPF jawan is cured, just in time, by our team of doctors from advanced kidney failure without surgery, saving him the lifelong necessity to undergo dialysis. Article on Facial Rehabilitation for Facial Deformity also makes for an interesting read. We have other intriguing stories from our team of doctors in Nanavati including removal of Solid Pseudopapillary Tumour of the Pancreas in a 34 year old male and a unique case of a 56 year old male who underwent bilateral Pulmonary Arterial Thrombectomy for removal of large thrombus in his body.

On this meaningful juncture of your newsletter, I, on behalf of the entire editorial team, would like to thank you all for your support during all the issues we have had so far. Your words of encouragement have induced a positive effect on the team. I am sure you will continue to support us with your contributed articles, valuable inputs and suggestions. Our editorial team will be more than happy to receive your feedback on this issue at:

Let me thank each one of you again. Stay healthy, stay happy!