Naresh Kapoor

Executive Director
BLK Super Speciality Hospital


Dear Readers,

As a responsible healthcare organisation we have always stressed on the importance of prevention thereby enhancing health outcomes which becomes even more imperative during these months of changing weather. Preventive measures and early detection can go a long way in avoiding extreme health complications.

The cover story from BLK Super Speciality Hospital chronicles the extraordinary case of a woman with arguably the rarest reported Broad Ligament Fibroid. Other featured articles include a challenging case of a 97 year old nonagenarian who survived a hip fracture despite multiple health concerns and an informative article on heart ailments.

The case of a man regaining his self-esteem by getting 9000 strands of hair in Nanavati and the classic case of Corneal Reinnervation Surgery also make for an interesting read.

We have also presented the heartfelt message left by a team of 10 critical care nurses from Muhimbili National Hospital, Tanzania who were at BLK for over two months on an observership course.

Our thanks and appreciation to all those who have taken time out to contribute stories for this issue. We look forward to receiving more articles and stories from our regular contributors as well as the first timers. Our editorial team will eagerly await your pieces at

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!