Vigilant intervention helps woman conceive after
years of unsuccessful pregnancy

PA 32-year-old female approached Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital, Mumbai for a routine pelvic ultrasound in view of repeated missed abortion. She is an NRI who had lost hope of bearing a successful pregnancy.

The patient had undergone numerous ultrasound scans which reported normal uterus and ovaries. However, she was unable to continue her pregnancy beyond 6-7 weeks of gestation.

A septate uterus is a common type of congenital uterine anomaly, and it may lead to an increased rate of pregnancy loss. This patient came to the hospital on OPD basis. Scanning her on partially filled urinary bladder suspected Mullerian anomaly as the uterus appeared septate /

bicornuate. So, the patient was reexamined on a full bladder which confirmed the findings. Also, 3D pelvic images were obtained for the same. A dedicated pelvic MRI was run for better anatomical evaluation of the dividing septum.

Thus, the root cause of her bad obstetric history was ascertained. Further, during the treatment course, the patient was referred for Laparoscopic Septum Resection, after which the patient has now conceived successfully and is just weeks away to deliver.

A dedicated approach and following correct basic protocols are of paramount importance and can help in correct diagnosis which otherwise could be easily missed as in this case.

Dr. (Maj Gen) A. S. Bath

Dr. Rashmi Parekh
Imaging Department
Nanavati Super
Speciality Hospital