Getting Freedom From Multiple Blocks

BLK team of doctors liberated woman from pain and hypertension


A 50-year-old woman was admitted with pain and discomfort in both her legs. She has been experiencing pain while walking for last 2-3 months. The pain was accompanied by chest discomfort and hypertension. Her CT Angiography showed 4 critical blockages in different vascular regions, all of which were at the ostium or origin of the vessels.


The patient's multiple problems were completely managed endovascularly, and treated in 2 sessions with 4 stents. Bilateral access via both femoral arteries was obtained and 7F sheaths were placed. Herculink Elite 7X15mm stent was deployed in the left renal artery at the ostium first. Then, continuing the same procedure, 2 extra stiff wires were passed across the blockages in the iliac vessels and after dilating the lesions with 5X40mm balloons, 2 stents, Luminexx (Bard) 10 X 40mm, in right, and Luminexx (Bard) 14 X 40mm in left, were simultaneously deployed across the blocks in the iliac arteries, extending into the aorta to reconstruct the aortic bifurcation and keep both vessels open and flowing normally.


A day later, the critical lesion in the ostial RCA was stented using Xience Prime (Abbott) 3.5X15mm drug eluting stent successfully. The patient was able to travel back to her hometown, Kanpur the very next day after discharge.

Dr. Neeraj Bhalla

Dr. Neeraj Bhalla
Director & Senior Consultant
BLK Heart Centre
BLK Super Speciality Hospital

“The blockages were all critical and were causing discomfort which could have led to significant complications. Hence, the patient’s multiple problems had to be treated immediately.”