Freedom of Mobility Restored

Taking care of a doctor’s dilemma by removing
Paralabral Cyst of shoulder


A 34-year old doctor was suffering from shoulder movement disorder. He was also continuously feeling weak around his shoulder area. After multiple consultations at various hospitals, he finally visited Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital. A detailed study of the MRI was also done after he was brought to the hospital. The MRI showed Paralabral Cyst in posterior glenoid (3/3 cm) with compression of supra scapular nerve and eventual weakness of cuff muscle (infra spinatus). External rotation was absent and he was unable to do any overhead activities.


The pathology was not easily accessible by open approach. The doctors decided to employ a unique technique to reach the cyst. Following Shoulder Arthroscopy, a surgical division was made between the posterior labrum and glenoid bone and dissection was carried out further medial. The cyst was then reached with blind approach and drained. To prevent further cyst formation, the gap was sealed with labral repair using suture anchors.


Following 3 weeks of splinting, the young doctor underwent supervised physiotherapy in the hospital. Three months post operative, he has achieved complete range of motion and full strength of cuff muscles.

Dr. Prasad Bhagunde

Dr. Prasad Bhagunde
Sr. Consultant- Orthopaedics
Nanavati Super Speciality
Hospital, Mumbai