Dr. Rajiv Bhagwat invited to the prestigious Europe-
an Bifurcation Club at Brussels

Dr. Rajiv Bhagwat recently attended the prestigious European Bifurcation Club Conference at Brussels. Only a few selected esteemed doctors from around the globe are invited to attend the prestigious European Bifurcation Club (EBC) meeting which is held every year. This year nearly 242 doctors from 49 countries attended the conference including 6 doctors from India who are all members of the Bifurcation Club of India where Dr. Bhagwat is the founding trustee.


The Bifurcation Club of India holds its annual conference at Mumbai and the faculty from the European Bifurcation Club are keen to attend the meeting each year.

At the conference, Dr. Rajiv Bhagwat gave insights on the ‘Modification of pre-existing technique of Bifurcation Angioplasty’ and ‘DK Crush Technique for left main Bifurcation Stenosis’. The Crush Technique was introduced by Dr. Antonio Colombo and was further modified by a Chinese Cardiologist. As a result, the DK Crush Technique is now one of the established treatment for left main Bifurcation Stenosis. Dr. Bhagwat's talk on this technique was a part of a debate on various procedures for treating left main Bifurcation disease. A modification of the pre-existing technique

of TAP stenting in the form of balloonassisted side branch stenting which helps in the precise deployment of the side branch stent after the main branch stent is deployed.

Dr. Rajiv Bhagwat showed several cases of this modified technique at the conference along with the advantages. The audience appreciated both the lectures. This was the third invitation Dr. Bhagwat had received to attend the conference. The meeting witnessed participation of international experts with significant emphasis on research and data from all around the world. The European Bifurcation Club is an opinion making body whose recommendations are highly regarded all over the world. Bifurcation Angioplasty is a complex form of Angioplasty which takes some time to learn and considerable experience to achieve perfection. Close to 30% of patients have Bifurcation disease. The procedure of Bifurcation Angioplasty needs to be done perfectly to give complete and long lasting relief to the patient.

Dr. Rajiv Bhagwat will also be attending ‘India Live’ which will be held in the month of February. India Live is the biggest meeting of Interventional Cardiologists in the country, and enjoys the keen interest of delegates from neighbouring countries as well. Dr. Bhagwat has been invited to this mega event as the course co-ordinator where he would also do live cases.

Dr. Rajiv G. Bhagwat

Dr. Rajiv G. Bhagwat
Heart Institute
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