Dr. Mradul Kaushik

Executive Director
BLK Super Speciality Hospital



Dr. Mradul Kaushik
Director - Operations & Planning
BLK Super Speciality Hospital
New Delhi (India)

Dear Reader,

It has always been our constant endeavour to achieve excellence in quality care by keeping ourselves technologically upgraded, at par with global standards to serve our patrons with best possible treatment plan. In line with this approach, we are proud to inform you of our latest addition that will change the course of Radiation Therapy and Cancer treatment in India. BLK Super Speciality Hospital is now one of the first hospitals in North India to offer Radixact 9 TomoTherapy, the next generation Image-guided Intensity-modulated Radiation Therapy, which is the most advanced system for Cancer treatment. We have covered the launch of this advanced technology at BLK as the cover story for this month's newsletter.

Other stories featured in this edition include the case of a 49-year-old male patient with a left side incomplete facial nerve palsy (Bell’s palsy). The patient underwent orthodromic temporalis muscle transfer at BLK and post-operatively the symmetry of his face has improved significantly and he is now able to smile spontaneously without any conscious effort. Another interesting story is that of a 32-yearold fitness enthusiast who was taking unsupervised health supplements but the timely intervention of experts at BLK helped to avert any possible kidney damage.

From our group hospital at Mumbai, we have featured the story of how experts at Nanavati Hospital helped to remove a large Dermoid Cyst from a 54-year-old woman which had remained

undetected for several months. Another story from Nanavati is the case of a 32-year-old female with a septate uterus. Fortunately, vigilant and expert intervention helped the patient conceive after years of unsuccessful pregnancy. There is also a very remarkable story of 62-year-old female patient who regained the gift of walking thanks to the experts at Nanavati. You will also find a useful informative article which talks about some of the aspects of pregnancy Gingivitis and Periodontitis.

The editorial team sends its gratitude to all those who have contributed stories and articles which enable us to bring out this newsletter in time. Our special thanks to the first time contributors with the hope that they will regularly share their pieces with us. Our editorial team will be happy to connect with you through email at: editorial@blkhospital.com .

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