Clot Buster. Life Saver.

A peculiar case of stroke strikes at the most unexpected
times, dealt timely and in the most appropriate way

Dr. Atul Prasad

Dr. Atul Prasad
Director & HOD
BLK Centre for Neurosciences
BLK Super Speciality Hospital

“As Stroke (paralysis) can have a debilitating effect and can lead to lifetime paralysis, it is very important to reach hospital as early as possible as the effectiveness of treatment depends on the time lapse between symptom onset and treatment initiated. By attending to such patients with diligence and by following standard, globally accepted norms, the situation can be handled effectively.”

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While the golden rule of reaching a hospital in time is well known, how doctors attend to a stroke patient is also critical in determining the prognosis. Often, patients are made to undergo surgery without evaluation of other non-invasive options to bring them to normalcy, and it is the approach that a doctor adopts that creates a difference.


A 52-year-old man was brought to BLK within 55 minutes of an onset of paralysis on his right side. At the time of admission to Emergency, the patient was not able to stand without support or hold objects with his right upper limb.


As the patient was able to reach Emergency within 4.5 hours, an urgent MRI of the Brain was done which showed blockage of main blood vessel. Patient was given a clot buster agent through the vein besides host of other non-invasive interventions. With constant monitoring and diligent care, the patient showed significant improvement.


On the following day of the procedure, the patient was able to walk without support and was able to hold objects with his right hand. He was discharged on day 4 of admission. At the time of discharge patient had no neurological deficit.

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