32-year-old fitness enthusiast averts
Kidney damage with timely medical help

Till a couple of months back, a 32-yearold Delhi resident who is a fitness enthusiast and a regular Gym goer was leading a very active, healthy and energetic life. Along with rigorous workouts, he was advised by his gym instructor to start supplements to achieve desired fitness levels. After a few months, he started losing weight and was plagued by other health complications such as weak muscles and high blood pressure etc.

He consulted the experts at BLK Super Speciality Hospital and investigations revealed that his kidneys were badly

affected. He was on the verge of undergoing dialysis. He was advised to stop supplements immediately as they may be laced with adulterants and banned medicine leading to kidney damage. Secondly, kidneys are an intelligent filter (sieve) and receive a lot of blood from the heart but it tends to get choked by increased concentration of these chemicals. Timely medical intervention and advice averted his

kidney damage. His dream of having a great body by consuming supplements was an eye opener for him. Now the patient is on medication.

Post-treatment, the patient is now living a much improved life. He was advised by his doctor not to take supplements and to avoid any kind of severe exertion. A normal walk was prescribed for him so that he does not put on weight which could be harmful to his health.

This particular case clearly underlines the lack of awareness about fitness supplement and its harmful impact on health. Body supplements are generally taken by body-builders, wrestlers, and athletes to facilitate their body physique in good, healthy and attractive shape. "There is a need for concerted efforts to make people aware about Kidney health. Precaution and prevention are interlinked, hence it is advisable to take all necessary care to avoid dietary supplements which may have adverse effects on health or put your kidneys at high risk,” expressed Dr. Prakash, Director & Sr. Consultant, Nephrology and Renal Transplant Services, BLK Super Speciality Hospital.

Dr. Sunil Prakash
Director & Sr. Consultant
Nephrology and Renal
BLK Centre for Renal
Sciences & Kidney
BLK Super Speciality
Hospital, New Delhi