Bollywood hairdresser and ex-air-hostess, Karishma Singh (35) back
on her feet after spending seven bedridden years due to hip fracture

After spending seven years in a bedridden state, riddled with constant pain, 35-year-old former air-hostess and Bollywood hairdresser, Karishma Singh is finally back on her feet. A revision Hip Replacement Surgery at Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital followed by rigorous physiotherapy sessions, has given Singh a new reason to walk again. In 2012, Singh met with a road traffic accident in Goa where an allegedly inebriated truck driver rammed into her motorbike. She was dragged for 50-feet and hit a street light pole, which caused serious hip and leg injuries.


“After a successful hairstyling stint in Mumbai, I travelled to Goa to open my own salon. Little did I know my dreams will come to a standstill,” said Singh remembering the fateful day. “After the accident, I was rushed to a local government hospital. Doctors informed me that my hip joints are crushed and my leg is badly injured. They were considering amputating my leg.”

However, Singh refused the leg amputation option and requested discharge. She was shifted to a private hospital where she underwent her first Joint Reconstruction Surgery. “Doctors tried their best but I remained in intense nerve pain. After the surgery, the hospital declared me 40% disable,” Singh said. After coming back to Mumbai, Singh spent two years in intense pain and eventually opted for a Hip Replacement Surgery at a prominent private hospital. “The surgery was a huge failure. For five years I remained completely bedridden, unable to walk or resume my daily routine. I lost faith in clinicians and my ability to live a normal

life ever again,” she added

In May 2019, her pain became unbearable and her Physiotherapist referred her to Dr. Pradeep Bhosale, Director, Arthritis & Joint Replacement Surgery, Nanavati Hospital. “The moment I arrived, I was offered a wheelchair without requesting. The warm welcome boosted my confidence,” said Singh.

Dr. Bhosale said the case was extremely critical due to existing post-surgical complications. “CT and MRI scans of the patient showed that hip implant was displaced causing friction and pain. Nerve palsy, arthritis and hip bone fracture further increased risks of the surgery. Any surgical error or delay could have caused permanent disability,” he added.

On July 15, Dr. Bhosale and his team performed an eight-hour long surgery on Singh where they removed loose pieces of the faulty hip implant from her joint and completely reconstructed her hip joint to allow mobility and stability. “Immediately after the surgery, Singh was able to walk. She was advised to undergo two months of physiotherapy sessions and now she is completely fit apart from slight nerve pain which will subside with time,” said Dr. Bhosale.

Two months after the surgery, she is now completely independent and aspiring to resume her plans to set up a salon in Goa. “I want to resume swimming, working and focus on settling in my personal life. The surgery and post-operative care was lifechanging and gave me my life back. I will be forever indebted to Nanavati Hospital and Dr. Bhosale for his contribution to my life,” said Karishma.


Prof. (Dr.) Pradeep
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