A fortunate occurrence saves a child
with a rare heart disease

An 11-year-old child, living in a village near Nanded had been suffering from breathlessness and chest pain since early childhood. Being from a remote village, he did not have access to proper healthcare and the child suffered for many years. His parents took him to many local doctors, however, no proper diagnosis was reached.

He was then referred to a Cardiologist in Nanded. There, he was diagnosed with a rare heart disease, which had been present since birth. His aorta, which is the blood vessel that starts from the heart and supplies clean blood to the whole body, had severely narrowed to just 2 cms. This condition is called Supravalvular Aortic Stenosis. It is one of the rarest congenital hearts anomalies and is very difficult to treat as the surgery required to correct it is very complicated and demanding.


After the diagnosis, the patient went to many centres but was refused surgery. The patient's condition was aggravating day-by-day, and the symptoms were becoming severe.

Fortunately, during this unfavourable situation, Nanavati Hospital conducted a free camp in Nanded. The patient visited the camp to get expert consultation from Nanavati doctors. After a thorough


examination, the diagnosis was exhaustively discussed, and the patient was called to Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital, Mumbai, for surgery. The patient was operated as planned. As the surgery was a rare and high-risk procedure, the complications and risks involved were explained to the relatives. For the relatives, this surgery was the last ray of hope. During the operation, the patient was put on a bypass machine, and his heart was stopped. The aorta was divided, and the narrowed part of the blood vessel was excised. The narrowed origin of the aorta was enlarged by using three patches made from the covering SAC of the heart (pericardium). This is called the Triple Patch Technique and is the ideal technique for this particular condition, even though it is the most difficult.

The surgery went on well and without any problems. After completion of the repair, the heart was restarted, and the bleeding was controlled. The patient was kept in the ICU for three days, where he recovered quickly. All the monitoring lines and tubes were removed on day 3. The patient was kept in the ward for 2 more days and was discharged on day 6. The recovery of the child was uneventful and is doing well now.



Dr. Rohit

Cardiovascular &
Thoracic Surgeon
Nanavati Super
Speciality Hospital