Swift emergency response miraculously saves sinking heart of a 41-year-old man

This is a classic case of how timely intervention can save precious lives, in the wake of much-dreaded Heart Attack. Rajesh Kumar and Santosh Singh were nervous, and shivering when they brought their friend Pankaj Malhotra to the emergency ward. Pankaj had collapsed suddenly while at work, and as luck would have it, their office was just few minutes away from BLK Super Speciality Hospital. Doctors were equally concerned as Pankaj's ECG monitor displayed a straight line for about 3 minutes. However, a team of experts at the emergency ward put all their might to resuscitate him, and succeeded.

When Pankaj was brought to BLK Super Speciality Hospital, his condition was extremely critical. The team at BLK immediately put him on ECG monitor. It was an intense situation as the monitor reading displayed a straight line for a good 3 minutes. This implies that his condition had worsened a bit too much and it was a situation from where many patients slip into extreme danger. On examination, it was found that the level of oxygen to his brain was very low, had he not been revived in a few more seconds he could have been brain dead or not been able to survive. He had 99% blockage and an Angioplasty was performed post Angiography.

The patient is out of danger and has shown steady signs of recovery. He is thankful to his friends- Rajesh, Santosh and the team of Doctors at BLK for saving his life. His friends are now waiting for him to recover and resume work.

Dr. Satbir Singh

Dr. Satbir Singh
Consultant - Cardiology
BLK Heart Centre
BLK Super Speciality Hospital

“It was because of swift action, judicious judgement, robust emergency response protocols and deployment of hi-end technology that saved the 41- year-old man's life.”