A Matter of Fact

The truth behind commonly believed myths
about hair loss

For years, people have believed in old wives’ tales about hair growth and hair loss; here are nine hair fall myths being debunked:

Myth: Dandruff causes hair loss.
Truth: There is no scientific co-relation between dandruff and hair loss, other than the fact that vigorous scratching, because of a dry scalp, may cause hair to break, resulting in hair loss.

Myth: Cutting hair promotes hair growth.
Truth: Cutting the hair may make it appear thicker due to the removal of split ends and added volume, the hair will not become fuller.

Myth: If you massage your scalp, your hair will grow faster.
Truth: There is no direct effect of any physical stimulation of the scalp on the hair follicles, although prolonged massaging may cause frictional damage to hair.

Myth: Using a conditioner causes hair fall.
Truth: Using a conditioner helps in detangling hair thus leading to prevention of hair fall due to breakage. Excessive use may weigh the hair down, but does not stop its growth.

Myth: If you pluck one grey hair, it will result in multiple grey hairs sprouting from your scalp.
Truth: Hair colour is due to the melanin producing hair follicles. When these cells stop producing pigment, the hair turns to white or grey. This does not mean that plucking a grey hair might result in more!

Myth: Wearing a hat will cause baldness.
Truth: Hair follicles don’t need to breathe as they get their oxygen from the blood. The only time hats cause baldness is when you wear the one that exerts excessive tension or friction on your head.

Myth: Changing shampoos regularly causes hair loss.
Truth: Our scalp does not become used to one kind of shampoo. So the next time you want to experiment with different kinds of shampoo, go ahead.

Myth: Hair loss comes from the mother’s side of the family.
Truth: There are approximately 200 genes that regulate hair and hair growth. There are generally some genes from both sides of the family that play a role in such situation.

Myth: Washing hair in cold water will prevent baldness.
Truth: Cold water may increase blood circulation, but it will not prevent baldness. There are some benefits of washing your hair in cold water, such as frizz prevention and cuticle tightening.

Dr. Raina Nahar

Dr. Raina Nahar
Cosmetology and Dermatology Nanavati Super Speciality
Hospital, Mumbai

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